Groupe Leclerc is a family owned company and has been in operation since 1905. We are a strong and reputable manufacturer of cookies, crackers and bars. We have proven to be a leader in this industry through strong leadership and a high level of innovation. Our head office is based in Quebec City, Canada. We share our passion for high quality products with our 800 employees and our clients around the globe.

Our business is comprised of a strong branded presence combined with a unique and customer focused private label division. Our annual turnover exceeds $350 million. Leclerc operates 6 manufacturing plants across North America. Three are located in the United States, while the remaining 3 operate in Canada. 2 are located in Quebec City, and one in Ontario. We have all the necessary infrastructure and resources needed to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers. For more than 110 years, Groupe Leclerc has successfully balanced innovation, freshness, and great tasting product offerings. Our products have pleased consumers of all ages for many decades. This, combined with a strong vision for future growth, makes us the right partner to do business with.

We favor a lean management approach allowing us to react quickly to the very competitive markets in which we evolve.

It is a top priority for us to manufacture the highest quality products at the best possible cost.

We operate very efficient and state of the art manufacturing facilities. Best of breed approach.

We have always been, and we will remain, a customer oriented operation meaning that we will make sure our customer’s needs and expectations are satisfied at all levels.