The secret of
our success

4 000 000 000

bars per year

2 721 605 kg

of crackers per year

21 364 050 kg

of cookies per year

800 skus

for over 50 customers worldwide

1 800 000 ft2

of production and warehousing area


Who we are

Groupe Leclerc is a family owned company and has been in operation since 1905. We are a strong and reputable manufacturer of cookies, crackers and bars. We have proven to be a leader in this industry through strong leadership and a high level of innovation. Our head office is based in Quebec City, Canada. We share our passion for high quality products with over 1300 employees and our customers around the globe.

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What we
stand for

We favor a lean management approach allowing us to react quickly to the very competitive markets in which we evolve. It is a top priority for us to manufacture the highest quality products at the best possible cost. We operate in very efficient and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Best of breed approach. We have always been, and we will remain, a customer oriented operation meaning that we will make sure our customer’s needs and expectations are satisfied at all levels.

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Our approach

We offer complete turn key solutions to innovation with unique and creative products. We are committed to long term partnerships favoring open communication and shared strategies that help us reach each other’s development goals. We constantly evaluate the National brands to make sure our offering responds to the evolving market place. We want to be part of your team and actively participate in category reviews and determine together new opportunities.

Your best option for :

  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Logistics
  • Quality

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