Research & development team

Behind every idea there’s a team of dreamers

We don’t just raise our standards to meet those of the national brands. With our research and development laboratory, we come up with innovative genuine ideas. We employ people dedicated to strategic intelligence who guide us and keep us on the edge of the industry regarding new market trends and opportunities.

Food Scientist

A team of product developers, with in-depth food science background, put all their efforts into the creation of the best recipes for each customer.

Strategic Intelligence Team

Analytical and curiosity driven, this team searches and extracts information to identify new market trends leading to successful opportunities for our customers.


Highly skilled laboratory technicians initiate the first steps of the development process with the creation of small handmade recipes and samples.


New idea that benefits the customer

Research & development process

Innovation is at the heart of all our decisions

Innovation driven, Leclerc uses a very rigorous and well-defined R & D process to provide high quality products. Here are the essential steps behind the development of each product.


Concept (customer, internal)

Customers either send us a special request on a specific project or we conduct innovation sessions to brainstorm and discuss the next new trend or product that specifically meets the criteria of the customer.


Theoretical formulations, ingredients survey

A recipe is first created on paper, making sure that attributes (nutritional values, choice of ingredients) comply with the customer’s request.


Validation in the laboratory (R&D Center)

The recipe is then tested in the laboratory to validate the expected taste profile, texture and appearance of the product. First evaluation is done internally and if we are satisfied with the outcome, we then present it to the customer.


Validation on site (plant trial)

Once the recipe is accepted by the customer, we run a plant trial to validate there is no difference between the lab sample and a full scale production.


Validation (organoleptic, physical, micro) and specification sheet

Once the recipe is set, we can provide the customer with a final specification sheet of the product, stating all physical attributes and ingredient listing.


Presentation to the customer for validation

Along with the specifications, samples from the plant trial are sent to the customer for final approval.

Our research and development laboratory

Located at our headquarter in Quebec City